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Journal Entry: Tue Apr 16, 2013, 3:19 PM

DD for me?  Are you kidding?

Just logged in and saw a note congratulating me on my DD, huh?  I got a DD?
Guess so, it ws for this dev:…
Fading Away by FracFx
I'm in shock, I don't think it deserved a DD when there's so many better devs out there but hey I'll take it, it's my first Art DD (if not counting my IFDD which was also a shock), my first DD was for a fractal resource so this one is really special for several reasons, read the comments to see why.  
Several people to thank for making this possible, zephyrtronium for the "Rod" plugin which became the basis for the DC-Cylinder plugin this dev uses, Xyrus02 for the DC code help, not to mention all the updated  Apo versions he's done, SeaSpryte for suggesting it, and SaTaNiA for featuring it as well as the Splits/Elliptic Tutorial this style is based on.

Thanks to all of you for sharing your great talents with the world, very special thanks to Marthig
:iconmarthig: Light :iconsuicidebysafetypin: and all of you who donated money, points, subs, hugs, to me during these hard times.  Also a big thank you to the anonymous donor who renewed my sub, kind of wish you hadn't since I'm not that active on here and there are so many more deserving people but it is greatly appreciated :)

I'll leave the rest of the journal as it was so the previous info will still be available even though some of it may be outdated.

Thank you all for your love and support and sharing your gifts with the world,


Sorry for cutting this short, on limited Internet time, will be more features coming :)

Random Favorite feature, these are some of my recent favorites that jumped out and screamed FAVE ME!, be sure to visit each artists gallery, you won't be disappointed:
As Deep as the Sky by FarDareisMai Mandala Fractal-gitte by gitte
Phoenix Heart -Be Reborn- by fanficbug Drops on the Fjords by f--l--A--r--k
Wisecracks from a Swear-jar by 2BORN02B Plumage by Hafapea
Separation by SuicideBySafetyPin Striper by Jimpan1973
The Call by lindelokse The Plant - by GypsyH
Stained Glass Bloom Redux by wolfepaw within by sewer-pancake
Ezemitir by Fiery-Fire All Harlequin by coby01
Watching You by ancient--one AdvGnarl-01 by Margot1942
spinning in by piethein21

New Apophysis7x + Plugins
The newest beta of Apophysis 7X with DirectColor support…
It has a cool new coloring feature and a few new plugins, be sure to check it out :)

Direct Coloring Plugins for Apo7x-DC…

Apophysis Plugin Manager…


Flam4OCL Version 0.20 Released!
This version adds support for chaos with flam3->flam4 conversions.  It also
fixes some issues with opacity when xforms with post transformations are
combined with final xforms.  It still doesn't convert flam3 files with final
xforms that have a post transformation, though, since this will require some
restructuring of the outputted XML in order to provide the correct opacity.
the download is at the top of the files on this page:…


The Fractalist's again have a new GM
NatalieKelsey :iconnataliekelsey:
Wish her the best of luck :)  If you see a fractal dev that you think deserves a DD then she's the one to note it to.

Getting Started In Apophysis And Fractal Art Creation

Apophysis 2.02
No matter which version of Apophysis you choose to use this one (Apo2.02) NEEDS to be installed first regardless of what anyone else says.

Apophysis 2.08beta2

Apophysis 2.09 released, you'll need this if you were using the 2.08beta2 version before and get and "expired" message
(*edit see the RunAsDate post below on how to make expired version of apo work)

A new Apophysis "hack" has been released
Apophysis7X for Win 7 (also works in XP) by xyrus02

Apophysis 7x 2010 (Release 12) - Apophysis 7x.12 has just arrived

*Update From xyrus02:
Fixed slowness :It was the 500 xform limit, there are now two versions in one archive (100 and 500 xforms)*
If speed is an issue use the 100 version, the 500 transform limit version takes up a lot memory/resources and has long loading time if you have a lot of plugins

Apophysis7X-DC Direct Coloring support by xyrus02

Apophysis-JK by Lu-Kout
It's a port of Apophysis2.08beta2
Some cool functions are only active variables show in the editor box on transforms and you can pause renders to take snapshots and then resume the render.

Zueuk's 3D Apophysis Hack
Apophysis  3D Hack

Apophysis2.08beta2 3D hack  By zueuk
3D now has xaos!  should prove to make some interesting new stuff :)

Gygrazok's Apophysis 2.06 Z+
Apophysis Z+

cyberxaos's Apophysis 2.05beta2Z+C++
Apophysis Z+C+

Apophysis2.07SE (Electric Sheep Edition)
Apophysis2.07 Sheep Edition

Fr0st ver 1: FrOst ver. 1.0
For questions and feedback please use the mailing list:
or go to the #fr0st-users irc channel at

Don't like the newer versions of Apo or can't get them to work but your old one did?
Well, This is how to make expired versions of apo (or probably any program) to work.
I discovered this program recently and it should help all of you who are wishing they could use their favorite (old/expired) version of Apophysis:
This will work for you to get the old apo versions working (RunAsDate): RunAsDate

They are all listed on (with the exception of the Apo2.02 installer which is hosted here Apophysis2.02 )
Listed here on
Apophysis List

Run the "RunAsDate" program and add the version of Apo you want to run. Your best bet is to set the date as the release date of the program, for example to run the apo2.07 version set the date as 10-31-2007 (the day it was released).
I did it and I know for a fact it works as I tried to run it normally and got the expired message and ran it in the RunAsDate program and it worked!

It does not change your system time, it just passes the time parameters you specified to the program you're using to make it think it's that date.
Uncheck the box that says "Move the time forward according to the real time" and it will always stay as the date you have the program set to start from, then you'll never get the "expired" message. ;)

That should help a lot of you who are/were unhappy with the newer versions and wished you could use your old one. :)

Free Paint Programs for Post Working
Once you have the program(s) you like you may want to do some post-work or add borders, signatures, etc.
These are my fave free programs for doing just that:

ArtWeaver, Free Graphic program with multi-layer support:
My Personal Favorite for freeware as I like the interface better than Gimp's,
it's a lot easier to use but seems the text function is buggy (or I just don't know how to use it right)

The Gimp, free paint program, can also make animated gifs
Gimp 2

PhotoFiltre, Free Graphic/paint program, no transparent layer support but it has some cool filters and is VERY easy to use.
I highly recommend it for people new to using paint programs:

One of the coolest free paint programs I discovered by accident recently, check it out here:

I couldn't find a link to this program at sourceforge so I hosted it
ApoMap  Installer Download

Apomap tutorial
ApoMapTut Download Zip

Apomap Blog on dA
Apomap Blog on DeviantArt

Map to UGR convertor (Map Converter)
For the easy way to make gradient files for Apophysis
Map Converter


Joel Faber's Image Apophysis:
Image Apophysis

Michael Faber's Apophysis Image Tutorial:
Image Tutorial

Info tip from :iconphoenixkeyblack: :
Quote: "I have discovered something cool....
Joel Faber's Image Apo 2.04, doesn't allow for moving post transforms or additional plugins, But if you move the posts around in 2.07, as Ngons with a power of 1, then open the result in JF's 2.04, the posts will still be moved, and you can change them to the image variation."
Thanks for the the info m8! :thanks:

A Club for Apophysis-J users (Java based version)
Drop by and check it out if you're a Mac or Linux user (Windows as well) if you want to see what Apophysis-J is all about :)

More Apophysis Plugins

Apo Plugins
Apo Plugins

Lu-Kout's Plugins
lu-kout's Plugin pack

"Z" Plugins from the beta2z+c+ version for Normal Apo
Apo  Plugins

The Plugins - The Next Package by gossamer-light
gossamer-light  plugins
Includes fold, sinecho, mblur, uncube, gblur, squarical, wings, and hemisphere.

SuperMassive Plugin Pack by phoenixkeyblack
SuperMassive Plugin Pack
Just like the name suggests, it's a collection of almost all the plugins, a rather large download but well worth having

3D Plugins by :iconaporev:
Aporev  Plugins
and these:
Aporev  Plugins
I tested these and they also work in 2.09 only just the scale variables work in 2d version don't bother with the others.

3D Collection by Aporev:
Aporev  Plugins

*You  will need to create a folder called Plugins to use these plugins if you don't have that folder yet, then once downloaded copy them into the plugins folder.  For Apophysis2.083D create a folder called Plugins3D

I've been playing with Bryce recently, learning some new stuff
Bryce Chat on  DeviantArt
Hosted by VickyM72
She has also posted Bryce Tutorials and a FE Tutorial, and is a great  artist as well, be sure to check her gallery out

Rendering in Apophysis Ctrl-x Vs Ctrl-R
I just found out that I haven't actually been rendering my devs with the  updated versions of flam3 ( I tried to do Export Flame (Ctrl-X) instead  of Render to disc (Ctrl-R) and got an Unrecognized variation  (apparently needs the source codes built into it) ...Ignoring message,  the render was horrid, but the Built in Apophysis Renderer worked  perfectly). I had always assumed by setting Options/Options/Paths/Export  Renderer to the render program's .exe file that the latest version of  Flam3.exe was what being used when rendering to disc.

New beta for flam3. (renderer for Apophysis)
here's the changelog:

12/20/09 Highlight power now interpolates smoothly from old behavior
   (-1) to new behavior.  flam3-genome 'split' mode was broken, fixed
   (thanks Exper.)  Die gracefully instead of segfault when very
   small estimator_curve values are specified.  Version attribute
   added to flame tag.  Number of iterations used to fuse attractor
   increased to 100.  Release as 2.8beta7.

Again, atomic is for >2 cores.
Links to the windows packages:
1 or 2 cores: Flam3 1 or 2 cores
3+ cores    :<a  href="…
">Flam3 3+  cores

A new place on dA  for all Fractal Resources For you: fractal-resources
Fractal-Resources on DeviantArt
Your one stop shop for Scripts, Tutorials, Flame Packs and more :)
Got a cool script, gradient pack, flame pack,plugin or tutorial you want to share? Just send them a note with a link :)

New Electric Sheep Apophysis Screen Saver Program For Windows
Get it here: Electric Sheep

Apophysis 2.07 SE (Sheep Edition) Made specifically for Electric Sheep Compatibility
Sorry, I don't remember where the direct link page is so I hosted the exe
Apophysis2.07 Sheep Edition

My :+fav: resources list,
A great tutorial, I recommend it for a beginners basis: All about Apophysis - Beginners Tutorial by BurnoutPriest…

Apophysis 2.04 Tutorial by nemopaice…

Script Writing Tutorial by ThePieProphet…

Beginners Scripting tutorial by djeaton3162…

Julian Grand 3D Tutorial by neoMWH…

Julian Uncovered Tutorial by ClaireJones…

Rotational Tutorial with flame Pack by Halcyon83…

Ultra Fractal Marble tutorial by Velvet--Glove…

Apophysis Blog by Aporev:
Here's a page with more info and helpful links by :iconaporev:…

Are you new to fractal arts?  Want to learn more and get more exposure? Or maybe you're a Senior Fractal artist that likes to help the new people (like me :) )? Then check out the
New Fractalist of the Month club :iconnfotm:
Details here:…

"Senior fractalists are fractalists that have been working with fractals for over eight months, or have more than fifty fractals in their gallery."

Cool clubs I'm a member of :iconapophysis:  :iconmarbliciousfractals: :iconimagersfractaldds:  :iconfractal-resources: :iconnfotm:  :iconfractaldreams: :iconfracman: :iconterracult:


My Chat…
*dA Fractal Forum:…
ApoShack Chat…

My stamp :iconluffsfromafriend: made for me:

Procrastinators of the world uni- aw forget it :sleepy:

"As is the nature of the fractal to step and repeat,
seeing the result conform to imagery is always a treat"
I want to say a big THANK YOU to all those who responded to my journals and donated time or money to this cause, I can't stress enough how important this is to me.
I lost my mom to breast cancer long ago and I now take care of a terminally ill cancer patient in my home, So this is a cause very personal and close to my heart for me.
Cancer CAN be beaten!!! Just go ask Webwoman and Bootsbounty They beat it!
Breast Cancer Awareness Stamp by pillze69
The is not getting enough daily clicks to keep funding free mammograms.
So I ask all of you, my friends and watchers, and everyone else at dA who read this, to make it a daily habit of clicking the link to fund free mammograms.

No need for monetary donations (although they are greatly appreciated), this costs you nothing but a moment of your time,
and you will be helping to save the lives of many women and men (yes, men can get breast cancer too)
So please, please, bookmark the link and make this a daily habit!

For those of you who have Cancer, you have my heartfelt sympathies and I want you to know there ARE people who care, DON'T GIVE UP!
Drink ESSIAC Herbal Tea (An ancient Indian Remedy), it's the real Cure for cancer if caught in time!

Here's the click link to the Breast Cancer site:

Thanks in advance to everyone who takes the time out of their busy lives to pitch in!


How are you going to die?

Death through Drugs/Alcohol!

You are going to die drowning after drinking too much/doing too many drugs.  Dying like all of the greatest rockers – because you live like one.  You like to party and experiment with perception.  Rock on, hippie.

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Favourite cartoon character: Kenny (Southpark), Charlie Brown
Personal Quote: Live every day as if you think it's your last, one day you'll be right.


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